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Silent City

Silent City features a black and white collage of architecture photographs from Barcelona, Dubrovnik, London, Oxford, and Cambridge. You'll find the story behind the series by scrolling to the page bottom.

About Silent City

Two very different books combine to form the inspiration for Silent City. The first is a well-known novel, The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Mid-century Barcelona is a character in the book, heavily stylized to suit the story’s mysterious gothic atmosphere. It’s an impressive feat of literary world-building that gives sunny Barcelona a convincingly haunting countenance.

The second book, called Urville, by Gilles Trehin, is an obscure title that features world-building of a different sort. In Urville the reader is given a visual tour and history of the mega-city for which the book is named. The only difference between this book and say, a visual history of London, is that Urville is a made-up invention of Trehin’s, who has built the city with drawings and words for over twenty years.

Standing with one foot on each of these books I began my own experiment in world-building using photos taken during my travels. In some of the images several photographs are collaged to create the atmosphere I wish to convey, making Silent City a partially fictional work. Since the first rule of writing fiction is that it needs to be believable I held back on digital flights of fancy and made images that could conceivably exist in real life.