Color Printing Wholesale - Tips to Find the Best Online Printing Service

Color Printing Wholesale - Tips to Find the Best Online Printing Service

Buying a color online retailer can save your company a lot of money because you can add other uses. Online color printing services that deliver high quality fast service and wholesale prices quickly replace traditional small local printers that do not offer easy-to-use practical online services.

Many small local printing companies produce excellent quality work on simple simple and two-color simple jobs. Area printing services often buy your color print job online mark it up to 100% or more and sell it to you. Because you can not throw beads on your monitor it can be difficult to choose the right prints with so many online printing services. Here are some tips to save time and money.

The lowest price is tempting but not always the best decision if not everything you are looking for is the lowest price and you do not care about anything else. A better decision might be to compare the value of online printing services. Use these factors to assess the value.

Paper print is important. Printing is not only visual it is also tactile. No matter how strong the design and the action is if the paper feels thin and cheap you have defeated your purpose. You can save money but you can lose interest and respect due to lack of quality. For the best feel use 100 lb blank or cover for brochures brochures and brochures and 14 or 16 Pt. skinned layer for card. These stocks are perceived as the best weight for most jobs.

Paper brightness affects the quality of printing. Coated paper comes in 5 points. 1 is super premium smooth light white and 5 which is matt and has visible wood. Brightness is measured by the paper ability to reflect the light. Paper grades 2 and 3 have brightness in the 90% range and are the best balance between price quality and value. Be sure to ask the paper quality your job will be printed on.

UV or aqueous coatings are an important value included in the price. These coatings enhance the color and protect your job from scuffing and scratches. If your print service can not add water coating to your job indicating that they are using an older and or cheaper press that does not feature in newer presses. As a result your job can not be printed as well.

Free file controls should be available on all jobs. Customers often make mistakes in their files which may not be seen until the job is delivered. Make sure your printer checks your print errors. Do not expect the printer to check errors in your copy. Over the years I have seen hundreds of jobs written with the wrong address and or phone number. This is your responsibility. That said if your print service notices something that may be a mistake you should receive a message. That's just the right thing to do. The reason is that your print service is not responsible for your errors.

Free online digital proof shall be provided. This gives you the last chance to find errors before making changes costly. If an online print service even $ 5 for proof you should find another. Free digital proof of final approval should be included in the labor price.

Your printer should be able to add special features. You can often get a good idea of the value from a print service that offers many options like WOW Factors for your job. Spot UV coating metal paint color metallic effects foil waterproof EndurAce paper plastic cards and silk cards are just some of the available options. If your online printer offers these services you can be sure that they have the latest technology for printing technology to improve your job.

Easy to use free templates offered. Templates with plant marks safety zones and bleeds are extremely useful and should be available for all product sizes.

Check customer service from your printer. Personal contact before your first job is very important. Ask questions to see what answers you receive. Can they meet all special needs? How quickly do they come back to you? You may want to ask a question that requires a call. It can give you an idea of what personal service they offer. Ask the rope if they will be your personal contact or if you speak you will get someone else.

Apply free exam or fill out application form forms on their website. You can expect them to send their best work. Quality can always be tested by looking at their work. Will the test come on time? What kind of warranty do they provide?

If you follow these 10 steps you should be able to find an online color printing service that meets or exceeds your expectations. Finding quality service and price is not hard if you know what to look for.

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