Create a personalized canvas print

Create a personalized canvas print

Canvas Prints are great deals at the moment with thousands sold for gifts in Britain every day. Recently increased popularity towards artists like Andy Warhol and street artist Banksy has strongly influenced design and fashion trends with many top designers with Canvas Prints in their designs. This increase in popularity has made an effort to become creative and try its hand to create its own personal Canvas Wall Art. This article will guide you through 4 simple steps so that you can also create stunning printouts.

Step 1. Select and view

Possibly the most important step is when you create your own personal Canvas Print to choose the right image. When you choose your photo to be converted into a canvas print you should ask yourself some questions. Is your photo one that you will be happy to see every day? Will it fit your home decor? Is it high enough to motivate spending money on it turning it into a wonderful screenprint? If the answer to these questions is all yes. Then proceed to step 2. If you struggle for ideas but really want to add a screenprint to your home then include popular ideas; family pictures pets landscapes hobbies and interests. When you have a picture or photo you can further customize it by customizing and editing it using computer programs like PhotoShop. By being creative you can end up with some amazing results and the best part is that it will be completely unique.

Step 2. Print image

Your next step is of course that your photo or image is printed on canvas. The easiest way to do this is to take your picture down to your nearest special printing company which will get your image printed on high quality fabrics within a few hours. However depending on the size of the screen it is possible to complete this step at home but you must have a printer that can print on the canvas. You can check this by referring to the manufacturers manual for manufacturers. You will also need to buy some sheets or sheets to print on. Read the printer manual carefully and follow the steps that guide you through the printout setting. When your printing is complete wait for ink to dry completely before continuing to step 3.

Step 3. Stretch and Frame Canvas

Now for the technical bit you need to stretch and frame them when you have printed on the canvas. Canvas Prints are traditionally stretched over a wooden frame keeping the cloth tightly and giving a smooth and professional look. The key to stretching a cloth is to keep the cloth tight you can buy tools that help with this. As a bench mark when properly stretched a cloth should sound like a drum when it is dropped. Again you can take your Canvas to a professional who will be able to do it for you. But if you feel creative and want to do it yourself it is possible but can work out. Fold the cloth nicely around your wooden frame use a staple gun secure one side of the cloth to the frame. Then with the help of special ducts pull the cloth tightly and secure again with the staple gun. When you are sure of all sides and the cloth is tight cover the staples with a strong tape for a fine finish. You can then choose to frame your canvas or leave it as it is and hang it up. The framing looks good if your image is of artistic nature but many prefer the modern look of an oramat duck print.

Step 4. Hang Canvas

Finally its time to hang your new canvas photo print. Hanging your finished Canvas Wall Art is easy its just like hanging any other painting or mirror. There are many effective methods. You can use a hanging set of paintings mirrors or 3M command posts all available from any respectable D.I.Y store. The hardest part of hanging your cloth shoe will choose the perfect place to showcase your new amazing Canvas Wall Art.

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