Large format printing for retail displays and exhibition signs

Large format printing for retail displays and exhibition signs

Large format digital printing can make retail and exhibition signs stand out from the crowd while budgeting both large and small. Large format digital prints will bring your screen to life. What kind of impact will a big picture have on the traffic that passes your store or position? What message can you convey across a whole wall or window?

Large format printers can print to a variety of materials those with a Flatbed digital printer can print to almost anything including doors and corrugated cardboard.

Today printing is usually sold through consolidated print groups print distributors or brokers which dramatically reduces the sales cost to the printer. These consolidated printing companies have cleaned their inventories over the least effective presses and moved their print projects to the most compatible presses. They have also invested in new more efficient pressures that produce finished products faster while reducing waste ink and paper.

The most common materials printed are quality paper banner vinyl vinyl pencil outdoor boards and indoor boards. The choice of material depends on where the image is displayed what environment it should be displayed in and how long you want to display it. By consulting your large format printer you will discover a variety of substrates and finishes so that you can choose what fits your needs best.

Some great ideas for retail and exhibition graphics

Printing for transparent self adhesive vinyl is a great way to dress up retail windows.

Print to thick boards creates durable images which is good in high traffic areas.

Printing to the vehicles self adhesive vinyl allows you to pack your car in your companys brand

There are laminates to protect images so they can be cleaned or even stick to the floor.

Digital printing is the most suitable printing method for low volume production.

Unlike displacement or screen printing where the installation is a high initial cost for a print job digital printing has no such equivalent setting. Therefore digital printing is the most suitable print method for short to medium print.

Many companies today are challenged with reduced staff and employees who have to do more with less. In todays fast growing business environment companies must ultimately choose between maintaining the status quo or investing in the future. In other words it comes down if you see a long or short term future for your business.

The printing industry has made a common effort to invest in its future. The reality is that for some companies it may not be worth changing how they do their printing and the printing industry will gladly meet them. But for those companies that are willing to rethink their printing needs in the light of a much more efficient print provider environment there are great savings opportunities.

Offset printing requires the production of plates stamping ink on substrates. Screen printing requires production of films to produce screen monitors as the ink is pressed through onto the substrate. Digital printing is much more like your home printer on a larger scale. Ink is applied to the substrate directly from the print head as instructed by a computer that reads a file. Thats why its best for short and medium term jobs and its important to note that each file can be different at minimal extra cost.

Digital printing can meet a large number of requirements.

If you need a reusable image there are many substrates that can be printed to meet this need. There is underlay and finishing so you can easily transport your pictures easily set up the screen and even so you can store them for seasonal campaigns. The options are about infinite.

Wondering if outdoor photos are affected by sunlight? Large printouts can be printed with solvent paints that make them last longer when outdoors. Solvent color is more like car paint and is designed to take many years of sunshine without fading. Outdoor banners should be produced with solvent ink if they last longer than a few days outdoors.

Keep in mind that when you plan your retail graphics or exhibition graphics that the best people who offer advice are those who work in the industry every day and know the limitations and applications of various large format digital print solutions.

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